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About Us

At Paradise Renewables, our mission is to help businesses take control of their energy,

reduce reliance on the grid, and maximize net operating income.  

Since 2013, we've been helping customers achieve energy independence.



We start by designing a custom solar system tailored to your building's specific electrical consumption.  We do this by gathering usage data throughout the year, taken in 15-minute intervals.  By using over 35,000 data points, we are able to get a granular view of your usage, accurately size your system, and ensure that grid exports are kept to a minimum.

Lowest Installation Costs

Everyone on our team is in-house, and we use no outside salesman or contractors.  This allows us to keep our installation prices as low as possible, decreasing the payback period of your system and maximizing the return on your investment. 

Cost-Cutting Reduction

Solar isn't the only way to take control of your energy. Before designing your system, we explore all ways to reduce your electrical usage and make your building as efficient as possible. 


From design to installation, we always make safety our #1 priority.  

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